——————- 10 Reasons to Visit Paros ——————–

Paros, the hidden jewel of the Aegean, is the must-visit island for your next vacation. Traditional villages with sugar-cubes houses, unparalleled natural beauty, golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and much more.

Paros, the third largest island in South Aegean, is the ideal destination for history lovers, adventurers and sea divers while its numerous sandy beaches, full of child activities are the best for families.

1. Golden Sandy Beaches

There are more than 30 beaches in the island, which are waiting for you to visit them. Sandy or pebbled, family friendly with dozens of activities for kids, secluded or crowded, ideal for watersports and diving, we are absolutely sure that somewhere in the island you wil find the best place for you to dive in.

2. Historical Monuments

Paros has been inhabited since ancient times. Its history is dated back to neolithium age until today. Historical, cultural, natural, religious and occupational monuments are being preserved telling their story through time. The Temple of Panagia of Ekatontapiliani, one of the most important early Christian monuments in Greece, the ancient cemetery of Parikia, the medieval Kastro Hill, the ancient marble quarries are some of the monuments worth seeing.

3. Natural Beauty

The nature of Paros has unparalleled beauty yet undiscovered by hordes of tourists. The valley of the butterflies, similar to the well known valley of butterflies in Rhodes, the environmental park of Paros and around ten wetland areas, hosting approximately 200 bird species, are the hidden natural gems in the island.

4. Traditional Cycladic Style

Villages with sugar-cubes houses are many in Paros, as in Lefkes, Naoussa, Parikia preserving the traditional cycladic architecture.

5. Surfing and Sea Diving

Paros is the number one destination for surfers but also for scuba divers. Ship wrecks, World Wars II aircraft and beautiful sea flora and fauna are waiting for divers to explore and admire.

6. Delicious Cuisine

Many dishes of Paros are based in the Mediterranean diet and as in other Aegean islands, Paros cuisine is full of fish, legumes and vegetables. Taste traditional and modern dishes in the islands restaurants as well as delicious sweets with cheese, must and honey.

7. Amazing Nightlife

Nightlife in Paros is no less than the cosmopolitan Mykonos and picturesque Santorini. All night parties by the sea in Paroikia, Naoussa and Antiparos, the island next to Paros.

8. Comfort and luxury

The 5 and 4 star hotels, suites and villas in the island offer a comfort and pleasant stay in the island.

9. Traditional Greek festivities

Many religious and food celebrating festivities taking place in the island during summer period. Kleidonas festival is held in 23rd of June where people burn the wreaths of 1st May. The Fish Festival is taking place early July and inhabitants of Naoussa serve fresh fried fish, plenty of wine and offer all night dance with traditional greek music.

10. Antiparos

Antiparos is less than a mile away from Paros and in ancient years the two islands were one. It is worth visiting the cradle of Cycladic civilization during your stay in Paros and admire one of the most beautiful and most ancient caves in the world as well as its beautiful and clean beaches.

Explore the beautiful undiscovered yet Paros and have an unforgettable experience…